Event Safety Officers

Safety Officers are trained to look for OHS risks that have the potential to ruin the event for you, your patrons or your stall holders. Many events now require a qualified OHS professional to be onsite pre, during and post event and it's a requirement for many permits.    

Total Event Solutions Australia can provide experienced and qualified OHS professionals for Safety Officer duties Melbourne wide.  Our team are professionals who have good communication skills and are proactive problem solvers.  

We ensure your event crew and stall holders are compliant with legislation and safe practices.  We also liaise with Worksafe if their inspectors audit your event.  Because we supply a suite of safety items including barriers, cones and cable traps, we can ensure a supply of items on site to address any last minute issues. 

Examples of items your Event Safety Officer needs to inspect: 

  • Cooking stoves - must be tagged, compliant and access to the public restricted
  • Gas bottles - tagged and compliant
  • Fire extinguishers - available and tagged
  • Pedestrian hazards - minimised or removed
  • Trip hazards - minimised or removed
  • Electrical cables 
  • Staging and structures
  • Traffic management