Event Cleaning

Our event cleaning services are essential to maintain public facilities, keep back of house clear and safe from trip hazards and to keep litter from blowing into gardens, gutters and waterways.  Our cleaning services include:

  • Maintaining bathrooms
  • Cleaning and refilling portable toilets
  • Restocking toilet paper and hand towels
  • Emptying bins in bathrooms, on the ground and back of house
  • Picking up litter including bottle tops and cigarette butts
  • Wiping tables in food areas
  • Bearcat outdoor debris vacuum

Our staff are well presented and well spoken: to get picked for the team they need to enjoy dealing with the public.  They support your volunteers and event staff in providing event information and are an extra set of eyes and ears to maintain event security.

A fantastic service offered by fantastic people. The range of cleaning services they offer is enormous - it doesn't matter what you need cleaned, they can do it. Then on top of that, they can also offfer a complete range of event services from toilet
supply & cleaning to car park & traffic management. I can't recommend them highly enough.

- Peter Ritchie